Download the latest Version of DeepMiner Pro.

In order to use the software you must purchase it first, or if you still want to try it before you buy it then you can use this key to activate your demo version.

Key: demo
With the demo version you have only Bing engine available.
Changelog V2.0.6.496
- Updated AOL scrape algorithm
- Fixed few minor bugs
Changelog V2.0.6.478
- This is a major version and we have made many changes and new implementations.
Changelog V2.0.5.308
- Now there is filter box where you can search for the scrapped results
- We implemented better news box
- The code is completely rewritten for the URL scrapping
- There is query limit that you can perform if you are not using proxies. It is 80 queries without using proxies
- The scrapper can now go deeper in the search engines result pages
Changelog V2.0.5.189
- Implemented SSL protocol for all search engines
- Fixed scrapping with ASK engine
- Implemented use of Transparent (HTTP) proxy
- Fixed a lot of bugs with the proxies
- Fixed right-click error when a user clicks on the patter boxes for the first time
- Pattern file save is now saving the file in the correct location
- Elevated software privileges to Administrator (mostly used for updating)
- Status Bar shows info about RAM memory used by the software and current CPU utilization
- Implemented News Box on software start-up
- Now you can disable "check for update" on start-up (not recommended)
- About box now shows your PC configuration
- Repaired a lot of small software bugs