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February 14, 2018
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February 14, 2018

How to choose the right domain name

Finding the right domain name for your fresh blog, website or business is one of the most important steps in the beginning of any online project. The domain will be included in all of your back links, ads and website content, so it is important to choose some catchy and easy to remember domain name.

If you have already an established company or a business model than there is not much to choose from. It is obvious that the domain should be the same as the company name. But if you are building a blog, e-commerce website, forum or other more general website then you should think harder about your domain name.

The Use of More General Doman-Names

By using more general domain name you will be able to expand your website’s content in the near feature. But if you’re using more detailed name then your website content must be focused strictly to that specific niche. For example if you choose some domain name like “healthygreentea.com” then it is obvious that you must only publish articles and content that is related to the green tea. On the other hand if you modify this domain a little bit and make it like “healthytea.com” then you will be able to post content that is related to “tea” and maybe “health”.

Now, your niche will be much wider and you could cover bigger field in the “tea” and “health” area, unlike using “healthygreentea.com”. By doing this you are giving a space to your website for feature expansion.

The Use of More Specific Doman-Names

On the other hand, using more detailed domain names is sometimes better when building very targeted websites. For example if you are making micro niche website, then it is always recommended to use long tail domain names together with good optimized SEO content. This way you’ll have maximum exposure for the given niche and you’ll get very targeted traffic. But it is also harder to rank if you chose a field in which the concurrency is big.

How to Start Searching

To find your perfect domain name you should start brainstorming and thinking about lots of combinations. Think about what you’ll promote on your website, think about what articles you’ll post on your blog and then find some unique keyword that can be applied for all of them. Most of the times the domains will be already taken so you will be forced to add some prefix or suffix to the domain name. There are also online tools that could help you with generating great names.

  1. Shopify Business Name Generator
  2. NameBoy
  3. NameMesh
  4. LeanDomainSearch
  5. Bust A Name
  6. PanaBee

When it comes to domain extensions I always recommend the “.com” domains. There are rumors that google is giving them edge over the others. This is not proven to be true but that’s the word spread in the SEO circles. You might also try using org or net domain extensions if you are building non commercial website.

Shorter is Sometimes Better

Try finding some short names because they are easier to remember and pronounce. Statistics show that the users are usually bookmarking the useful websites so they wont have the trouble to remember the domain. After all, if you already have chosen longer domain name, don’t sweat it at all, because if the content is good, visitors will bookmark your website and come back for more.

Register Your Domain

When you finally decide what domain name to use, you should register it immediately so it wont be taken by someone else. For this step I recommend using GoDaddy because it is old and respectful company and you can always find online promo-codes which will allow you to snitch the domain for little as $0.99 per year.

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