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February 11, 2018
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February 12, 2018

How To Create The Perfect SEO Content

As the SEO becoming more complex when the Google opened the Zoo. We will guide you through the SEO jungle and provide you how to create the perfect content for SEO that will engage both Human and robot.

Topics not keywords

  • Write your content for the reader based on a topic or the keyword you have researched for.
  • Keep your focus on your main topic and add some variations, synonyms and related words for your content.
  • It may be time consuming while doing keyword research to find the kinds of words people actually use.
  • Optimize your main keyword
  • Use your keyword in your URL, start of your title, in the first 100 words. In a image alt text and make it bold or italic within the text.

Use LSI Keywords

  • Google is looking for certain words and combinations of words as a sign that you are writing about a specific topic.
  • Research all the synonyms and related areas for your topic.
  • Add them throughout your content as headings and sections.
  • Don’t artificially change your content, sentences, structure to suit these new words.

Format your content

  • Break up content into small sentences and paragraphs. Make use of headings and sub headings (H2, H3 etc.)
  • Add bullet to break up lists and add images often every 300-500 words.
  • Include quotes and tweetables and add supporting content such as video, slides and social embeds.

Create a Stunning Headline

  • Better headlines lead to improved CTR of your search result.
  • Optimize your title length from 55 to 75 chars and use proven headline formulas.
  • Try different content types like lists and infographics.
  • Add emotional and power words that will create a great impact for the targeted audience.

Make use of links

  • Link to authoritative and relevant content within yours
  • Link to your content and boost your weaker content with links from more powerful content.
  • Consider using keyword as anchor text in internal links to boost your content.

Long Form Content

  • Make sure you are writing longer content for a good reason. Do not just write longer content to make it longer but write the best content possible.
  • Sometimes your audience wants something shorter.
  • Write your content for people first but keep your mind that you need to optimize the content for keywords as well to get traffic from Google.

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