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February 13, 2018
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February 14, 2018

Lets talk about growing website from zero

When it comes to building a new website, there are few main steps that we must do before any other. The first think is finding a good domain name, then setting up a fresh WordPress installation, choosing good quality theme and adding a few plugins to make the website more dynamic and flexible.

But now it comes to the interesting part. This is the part where the website becomes a fail or success and it all depends on how we implement the next steps.

I am constantly finding new articles and blogs, explaining how to make a new website, grow it fast, and in just a few months you’ll be making hundreds of $$$ per day. I guarantee you that those articles are full of rubbish.

There is no “Fast Money”. The process of growing a website from zero is very hard and time consuming. There is no secret formula that can make your new blog popular in just a few weeks. It is progress that happens every day, step by step, but only if you are investing in that progress.

By “investing” I mean working on the website. If you are running a blog then you should start writing useful and unique articles every day. Forget about word spinners, they produce unnatural language and there is big chance that you might get flagged by Google. Research a list of long tail keywords using DeepMiner and focus on them while writing your posts. Find a good niche for your blog, write about something that you love to do. Something that is inspiring to do. Only that way you could build quality content.

Social Media Promotion

Start growing you subscriptions list, make weekly news-letters, promote your blog on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest or Twitter. Talk with your friends about it, and tell them to say a word to their friends. Try and spread the word everywhere you can.

Build a Facebook fan-page and share it with your friends. When making new post on your blog don’t forget to promote it on the Facebook page.

Start YouTube channel and make viral videos where you can promote your product or blog. YouTube is great for getting attention.

If you have a small Start-Up budget then you can invest in online ads. I suggest using Facebook advertisement platform or Google’s Adwords. Facebook is great for running ads, and with just a few dollars you can get around 50 unique visits to your website, that is if the advertised content is worth a click.

Drive Traffic to Your Webpage

Don’t buy traffic from websites like fiverr. It is very cheap and for 5$ they promise you thousands of visitors to your website, but what they don’t tell you is where that traffic is coming from. Mostly the visitors are either from reddit spam posts or fake bots. Whatever the source, those “visitors” are bad for your reputation and you can get on the Googles black list pretty fast or the worst case scenario is getting Adsense ban.

Building Quality Backlinks

Focus on building quality back-links on forums, and other discussion platforms. Also try to exchange ads with some other websites. A lot of Start-Up websites will be happy to exchange ad space. Also, don’t forget to setup Google Analytics tools so you can easily track your online progress, back-links, popular search keywords and referrals.

Like I already said in the beginning of the article, growing a website from zero is very hard and time consuming job. You should be prepared to work for nothing and don’t expect miracles over night.
If you do everything like I said and if you are very persistent in you goals, then the results will start flowing in. After making your website popular you’ll be even more happy to work on it. You’ll know that you have your own community and followers that are respecting your work.

So don’t just sit there, start growing your very own community.

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