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February 14, 2018
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Search engine optimization

This might sound very scary at first, but believe me it is not that complicated as it sounds. Whether we start a new blog, regular website, e-commerce or selling digital goods, there is always the need of search engine optimization. This is usually one time job because we should set this up in the early stages of the website development. This is very crucial step and it affects the success of the whole project.

Today’s search engines are very smart and they know how exactly to filter bad content, spam content, not-optimized websites and other anomalies that can affect the ranking of other websites. This is very important process so developers are putting extreme focus on improving the search engine algorithms in order for the users to experience the best results for their search phrase or keyword.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

What are the benefits of the SEO?

There are a lot of benefits by the SEO optimization for a given website. The most important think that the developers are focused on while making SEO for a new website is to bring good organic traffic from a search engine. When a user is searching for something, usually they only visit the first page of the Search Engine’s results. Statistics say that only small number of the visitors are going to the second page of the results, and even smaller percent go thru the rest of the results. That is why it is very important to rank your website among the first 10 results shown to the user.

What are the most important steps in doing good SEO?

  1. Consider about the core elements of the website and that is the location of your server. It is not officially confirmed by Google or other popular Search Engines but it is speculated and in some cases confirmed that this playes major role in the overall success of the SEO camping.
    So if you are targeting visitors from USA for example, then you should consider buying web space hosted in the USA. This is because the visitors will have lower ping time and the website will open faster for them. This is very important for the search engines algorithms. They will rank better, the websites that are closer to the location of the visitor so he can have the best experience.
  2. Domain age!!! YES, this is very important for the overall SEO process. Search Engines give more reputation to websites that use old domain name eg. 3+ years. You can buy used domain name but first you must investigate the whole history of it. You don’t want to buy some domain that was previously used for spamming, hacking, or other illegal activities. You should also go to and check some of the historical snapshots of the website so you can get an overall idea of what kind of website was this in the past. This is important because some back-links might still point to that domain name. You don’t want back-links from harmful websites.
  3. Start configuring your website’s HTTP engine and choose what kind of script you are going to use. One of the most important think that we should mention here is the use of URL rewrite mod. Enabling this option for your website will allow you to use friendly URLs. This mod is active on 90% if not more of the websites, and it is very important for the overall SEO of the website. If you are not using the URL rewrite mod then you’ll have bad links ending with php or html extensions. The structure will be based of the actual directory locations on your host and you certainly don’t want that. Also, search engines don’t like this and they can penalize your website. Search engines like clean URLs, with explanatory titles that are related to your content.

How to improve the quality of your links

Here comes the DeepMiner’s role. You could investigate popular keywords with DeepMiner and then use them in the URL structure and inside the content of your article. When google crawls that page, it will extract the keywords and rank the webpage based on the most used and relevant keyword according to your content.

These are the basic steps, important to do on every fresh website. There are other SEO optimizations like writing unique content, giving explanation to every image you upload, working on quality back-links and promoting your website on social media.

If you are going to use WordPress for the base CMS then you must install plugins like “Yoast SEO” or “SEMrush”. This plugins are recommended and it is confirmed that will boost your Search Engine’s rank.

It is also crucial to use caching system so your website can load much faster. I recommend using “WP Super Cache” for WordPress.

The last think that you should consider is tracking your statistics. When it comes to stats, there are a lot of chooses and plugins but only one is at the top of all, that is “Google Analytics Solutions”. You should register your account with Google Analytics and integrate the tracking code in your website. Then you can track every little detail related to your webpage like, searching keywords, traffic volume, traffic sources, referrals and all sorts of other detailed statistics.

Implement all of this steps on your webpage and you’ll have excellent results. Don’t hesitate and contact me if you need help or an answer.

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