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February 12, 2018
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February 14, 2018

The 6 Steps to Effective Email Marketing

Create Compelling Content

While sending your emails be assured that you have a unique convincing subject line because subject line create great impact over the audience, one central idea, a clear call to action and relevance to the audience. Modern emailer design templates contain fields which represent values or recipient attributes that can be tailored to fit the specific marketing goals.

Use the right tools

Well Designed Emailers no longer require complex coding. With the help of best email services we can create a best emailer design no time which provide drag and drop facility and ease to change colors and themes.

You should never be left wondering how your email will display. Your email service should allow you to preview the final product as you are creating your email to ensure that the design is just right.

Test your deliverability

Even the best email in the world won’t be effective if it never reaches to your audience. Before sending your emailer better check the deliverability of your emails in three key elements to render your mails a best chance to read by audience.

Make sure your emailer design displayed correctly on all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.

Emailer Design should in such a way that it should be compatible with both HTML and TEXT Formats which will increase the readability in all email clients and platforms.

Run your email through a spam analysis tool to ensure your hard word won’t wind up in the spam filter.

Segment your audience

Segment will allow to match your content with recipient’s level of interests and personalization which can achieve huge results for your emailers and create best chance to read your mails.

Adding a local flavor to your emails can help give prospects the feeling that you know and understand the situation.

Segment according to your audience behavior is another best way in giving relevant and timely information to prospects.

Position within a company is another valuable way to segment your audience. It ensures that you are providing the right content to drive decisions.

Get your timing right

Mostly the best day to send bulk mails is Tuesday as the people are on their desk and doing their pending works or their routine work. Monday is like lazy day for them after having a great party last night on Sunday.

Best time to send email is between 9AM to 12PM and then 2PM to 4PM.

Track, Analyze and Adjust

Track System provide a actionable metrics which can be used to measure the effectiveness of an entire campaign or any of its elements and to compare the success of each campaign. If your are tracking the emailers then check:

  • How many people opened the mail.
  • How many people clicked on the links.
  • How many emails are got bounced or undelivered.

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