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February 12, 2018
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The Power of Branding

How you can use branding to help improve your business and the perception of your service?

Why do we need to brand?

Branding is something which clearly highlights what makes your offer different to and more desirable than anyone Else’s. Effective branding promotes a business or organization from being a subject to become something with a unique character and promise. It can create an emotional resonance in the minds of consumers who choose products and services using both emotional and pragmatic judgements.

For example, If you started a business of organic butter chose black for its packaging design so it would stand out from the typical yellow, gold and green colors used by other competitor products. The result is that the brand appears more premium, distinctive and perhaps even more daring than its competitors.

People Are Generally Interested To Pay More For A Branded Product

For example, Tesco started their life as an economy supermarket and now sells a wide range of products. This obviously adds value to the business, but consumers also see added value in the new services thanks to their existing associations with the Tesco brand. With the help of understanding the consumer needs and market trend, such as ease of access and low price has allowed the business to move into new market sectors without changing their core brand identity.

Connecting with People

Creating a connection with people is important for all organizations and a brand can embody attributes which consumers will feel drawn to. For instance Apple Inc is a brand which has become more and more entwined on the lives of consumers making it incredibly powerful.

The Four Cornerstones of Any Good Brand

If you are thinking about how to re-brand your business, its products or services or if you want to assess where your brand stands at present, there are a few key aspects you should consider:

  • The Big Idea
    What lies at the heart of your company.
  • Values
    What do you believe in?
  • Vision
    Where are you going?
  • Personality
    How do you want to come across?

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