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February 14, 2018

Why Facebook is the worst social media site for driving traffic to your blog

As the time passes and Facebook grows more and more with its community, it also becomes more and more greedy social media platform. Few years ago it was everything about collecting more likes on your Facebook page, so when you share your new blog post on the Facebook page, it would be shown to almost everyone that liked your page and you’d sure get huge traffic from it if you have enough page likes.

But now the game is changed by Facebook. They saw the potential of their pages, so they decided to alter the algorithm in their advantage. They become more greedy and almost anti social platform. When you share you’re post you’ll get only few impressions and almost none interactions. You wonder what is going on? Does anyone sees your post at all? The answer is NO! Facebook is not showing those blog posts to anyone. That’s because they force you to pay for their ads in order to get your exposure on their platform. Now you think, great… I’ll just pay and get likes and clicks to my blog, but wait, it is not that simple as it looks. Few groups of SEO experts run number of analyzes and concluded that the engagement of the users that liked your page through Facebook ads is VERY VERY little.

This is why you should never pay for Facebook ads if your only mission is collecting page likes or blog clicks. You will be throwing money in the air if you do that. It is only useful to pay for Facebook ads if you are selling some product online so you can return the money from your ads.

Overall, Facebook becomes horrible platform for bloggers and it is better to find another way of promoting your blog. I would say Pintrest, Instagram, Imgur and even Reddit are MUCH better alternatives then Facebook. Many users are angry about this changes so they are closing their accounts and transferring to new platforms like Vero.

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